Marketing Performance

Take a few minutes at some regular time to review your current marketing efforts. Maybe you plan your marketing according to the seasons, or your selling seasons or simply on a calendar or fiscal year.

Let’s suppose you have just finished a campaign to obtain new customers. It may have run two weeks on and two weeks off pulsed about three times. Now you’re looking at the results and you’ll be influenced by what you see. Emotionally, you will either be enthusiastic and ready to repeat it or you’ll be disappointed and may think about canceling this kind of program.

The fact is that you have a whole year…four quarters…six bi-monthly periods, sometimes even trimesters that some companies use, all adding up to what is usually  an annual tally. The question is: where does your most recent activity fit in with your overall plans.

We all have temporary needs to either rein in our marketing for one reason or another…auto dealers whose locations are dead-ended temporarily by road construction that they cannot do anything about, or remodeling plans that simply require ceasing operation for a time. On the other hand, and most common, is spending more to bring sales up to a targeted leveling off point.

At the end of these periods, say the odd eight-week period we mentioned above, you need to assess what happened but then you need to re-enter your long range plans to see where those results in both costs and hopefully increased sales have taken you.

Stay focused on the long range plan. Unless you only plan to be around in the short run.



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