Advertising Budgets

It is November 2017 and by the end of this month, businesses on a calendar budget should have plans well on the way for 2018. Closing on many media will be the fifth day preceding the beginning of December. January mailings and campaigns will need to consider that many small firms close, especially in a good year, or work half-shift after December 10th or 15th.

So planning for 2018 should be well on the way. Which means, of course, that all substantial data, all market research analysis should be done by the middle of November and decisions on marketing and media for 2018 should be well on the way before that end of November.

We say it now because we have known of companies who have had such a good year that they ran it all the way in to the middle of December. Who can blame them? But the result often turned out to be a lackluster first quarter in the following year, and even an occasional year spent catching up, all year long.

Are your plans ready? If not, stop and do them now.

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